PGDM or MBA: How should you decide? Desirous candidates are sometimes confused between choosing MBA or PGDM while deciding their business and management qualification.

In simple language:

Masters in Business Administration or MBA is a course degree offered by the Universities (both Government and Private) and Colleges affiliated to these Universities.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a Diploma program which is offered by many B-schools/Colleges that are always recognized by Government of India’s nodal body for technical education – All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

While deciding between MBA or PGDM, what is most important for you as a student is to understand what are your personal goals. If you are interested in just a corporate job and a career, you should choose a B-school or Colleges based on their Ranking, Curriculum and Placements, and not by the degree or diploma they are offering. Corporates don’t treat MBAs or PGDMs much differently. They only want candidates that can very perform well on the job. So, curriculum and faculty is the most important. However, if you are looking for just another academic qualification, that too which is at a low cost, then an MBA from a Government university will work well.

If you wish to pursue management course, you need to go by your own requirements. In fact, the MBA from lower ranked colleges affiliated to Government University may give you a degree but may not give you that much of skills that you can get from a very highly ranked PGDM college. On the other hand, MBA from a top Government University college like FMS, JBIMS, could take you to your career heights as against a PGDM from a comparatively lower ranked PGDM college.
The decision therefore has to be taken in right perspective and a balance has to be made based on all the parameters discussed above to choose the right program and a right B-school.

Author: Pamela Gupta

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