Types of MBA

MBA Programs come in a wide variety of formats, so the MBA aspirants have a liberty to choose from different types of MBA programs as per their needs.  Following are the 5 different types of MBA programs:

  1. 1-Year Full Time MBA Program
  2. 2-Year Full Time MBA Program
  3. Executive MBA Program
  4. Part-Time MBA Program
  5. Online MBA Program

Where people need to make decision whether to pursue an MBA, choosing which MBA program to pursue is another vital decision to be made. The options sometimes become confusing for some people as to which program is better for them. So in this article we will talk about different types of MBA programs and rationale behind it to help you decide which type of MBA program is best for you.

1 year Full-time MBA:

Professionals opt for 1 year full-time MBA program. Because they want to enhance their career faster. Professionals want to gain knowledge for their domain and obtain their degree. Some colleges have pre-requirement of work experience. Colleges have less semester breaks in this program.

2 year full-time MBA:

2 year full-time MBA program needs to have 100% focus on the program. Generally, first year has general courses, whereas during second year students’ select their specialization and pursue it for entire year along with some general courses. At half way of the program, students to pursue internship for 2-3 months. This program is for fresher, who want to build their career in management. Also for experienced ones, who want to grow their career in management and opt for advance profiles.

Executive MBA:

Executive MBA is for purely experienced professionals. These professionals want to move to leadership or strategic role. Many companies offer to pay for executive MBA. For this program, colleges have pre-requirement of minimum 3 years of work experience. It differs from college to college.

Part-time MBA:

Part-time MBA program is for working professional, who want to continue with their current role, while enhancing their career. These professionals are free to choose number of course per year. But they have to live around the college to pursue part-time MBA. Classes are arranged at off working hours. Professionals opting for this course have opportunity to implement the concepts learned in their current role.

Online/Distance MBA:

Online MBA is also for working professionals. But the key difference is, here professionals have busy schedule. They design their own schedule for online classes to fit in their bust professional schedule. They also need to attend some interactive classes at times. Other reason for opting for Online MBA is, professionals do not have their preferred college or university in their surroundings. Hence, they pursue online/Distance MBA.

Author: Pooja Metai

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