Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers?

Some facts and stats

  • There are more than 9300 startups in India.
  • 24 Unicorns are presently operating in the country.
  • In one NASSCOM report, it was stated that startups have created around 60,000+ jobs and more than 1.5 lakh indirect jobs.
  • India is the 3rd largest network of startups in the world.

Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Manager.

  • An individual who makes an enterprise, by facing a budgetary challenge to get the benefit is called an entrepreneur. A person who assumes the liability of controlling and directing the association is known as a manager.
  • A business visionary focuses on business startup though the fundamental focal point of a supervisor is to oversee continuous activities.
  • Accomplishments fill in as an inspiration for entrepreneurs. Then again, the essential inspiration is the power for the managers.
  • Manager’s role is more formal than the entrepreneur.
  • A business person is the proprietor of the endeavor while a manager is only a representative of the organization.
  • A manager gets compensation for the work done by him. Alternately, profit is the prize for the business person.
  • The significant main thrust of a business visionary is imagination and advancement. A manager keeps up the current situation.
  • While a business person is a daring individual, the manager is hazard opposed.
  • Every individual is given their allotted assignments in an organization and a manager will complete the work. While an entrepreneur or a business person will motivate others to accomplish better work.

Traits of an Entrepreneur

  • Vision and Passion – An entrepreneur or a business person must have an exceptional vision for his business. So, he should be able to design out his long- and short-term objectives and targets. Another significant quality essential in a business visionary is that he should be passionate about his work.
  • Inventive – one of the principal qualities of enterprise is advancement. The business visionary searches for the open door in the market and exploits it.
  • Daring person – A risk is a vital piece of any new business. The business person must have a gutsy and hazard taking character.
  • Pioneer/Leader – One of the other significant characteristics of a fruitful business visionary is initiative. All great business visionaries are acceptable leaders.
  • Constant – A decent business person is consistently tenacious.
  • Moral and Ethical – Morals and honesty are the foundations of any effective business in the long haul. A maintainable business can’t be controlled by somebody with traded off ethics.
  • Competitive in nature – The business world is a ferocious space. So, the opposition is continually going to be savage and extraordinary.
  • Flexible – Lastly one of the most significant qualities in an effective business visionary is versatility.

Entrepreneurship is significant for various reasons, from elevating social change to driving development.

  • Spur Economic Growth – New items and administrations made by them can create an enormous impact
  • Add to National Income – Startups help produce new wealth. Also, expanded business and higher profit add to better national pay.
  • Create Social Change – Through the contribution of new products and ventures, they split away from convention and reduce the dependence of old technologies. These outcomes in improved individual satisfaction, improved assurance, and more significant monetary opportunity.
  • Network Development – They put resources into network extends and offer money related help to nearby causes. This empowers further advancement past their endeavors. Some renowned business people are, for example, Bill Gates.

Types of Entrepreneurs

  • Serial Entrepreneur – These are people who endeavor business again and again. Elon Musk is one such example.
  • Three commas – “Three commas” suggests $1 billion ($1,000,000,000). Business visionaries whose new startups surpass $1 billion in valuation. Flipkart, Paytm, and Ola are such examples.
  • Developing Entrepreneur – The classification regularly incorporates new business people who appear to be encouraging and are relied upon to be a piece of the “three commas” club someday.
  • “I’m Steve Jobs” – This casual arrangement alludes to business people who begin accepting that their business is doing admirably well.
  • Social Type – This is the class of business people who help take care of social issues. The/Nudge Foundation, which was established by Atul Satija. The/Nudge Foundation is attempting to ease poverty through skill development and different activities.
  • Visionary – These are ordinarily business people whose new businesses have developed and scaled, and they presently invest a ton of their energy coaching more youthful business people. They also act as Angel Investors.
  • One-dollar billionaire – those who’s yearly compensation is just 1$.

The Need

  • India is growing at a rapid pace and in the coming years might touch the double-digit figure. Be that as it may, even though we need many managers to control our nation and yet we need a ton more enterprisers to benefit from the assets accessible in India and take along creative changes that would put our nation at the highest priority.
  • Over the years business enterprise has moved its concentration from little organizations to new businesses, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • In India, business is the need of great importance and we need significantly a larger number of business visionaries.
  • A business visionary is a person who possesses the business, produces thoughts, creates them, actualizes them, works them under the unavoidable risks.
  • Entrepreneur originates from the French word ‘entrependre’ signifying: “one who attempts or one who is a go-between.”
  • India at her current point needs more business visionaries to undertake the responsibility to drive India to a development rate that far surpasses its current rate.
  • Business visionaries or entrepreneurs are equipped for moving monetary assets from a region of lower profitability to a territory of higher profitability. In India, Gujarati’s and Siddhis are accepted to be very ambitious and they are the ones who are known as quintessential business visionaries.
  • Today, financial experts see a business person as the fourth factor of production alongside land, work, and capital.
  • NASSCOM and CII have just expressed that India needs to make at any rate of 10 million employments if it needs to be perceived as a developed nation by 2020.
  • To make this tremendous work, India needs to look towards the private sector.
  • It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to make such employment opportunities.
  • Entrepreneur people are significant because they help to avoid monopolies and cartels, and help to develop the economy.


  • Uncertainty in Business cycle – The phases of innovative advancement can fail because of the existing pattern of the business cycle.
  •  The failure of new firms – Be that as it may, the most widely recognized reasons of the disappointment of the new pursuits are a result of the managerial inadequacy, absence of experience, low money control, absence of dynamic administration, wrong spot, having insufficient stock control and inability to make the innovative advances or changes.
  • Settling on wrong choices – Besides, now and then, the choices could become ambiguous where it gets crushed among vulnerability and hazard which has uncertain possibilities.
  • Low quality of the study for the Business plan – most Entrepreneurs face certain troubles when setting a field-tested strategy for making low-quality ones. Further, marketable strategies are not depicting back although Entrepreneurs get subsidizing through accomplishments.
  • Ethical issues – They experience moral issues that are different from different agents since they present innovation and improve business methods.
  • Legal contemplations – There are a ton of difficulties from the various legitimate and administrative state of affairs.


  • India presently has an immense requirement for entrepreneurs who can put resources into the correct business foundations or make new business whereby they can yield tremendous employment opportunities.
  • Setting up one’s own business is an extraordinary inclination as it permits one to settle on their own choices and make inventive thoughts for better improvement of the organization.
  • With globalization, a few outside firms have tapped on the Indian educated people and taken them abroad as representatives in their organizations. They have allocated them administrative posts and pay them high compensation.
  • Foundations, for example, National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD), Progress Harmony Development (PHD) Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), CII, FICCI, and ASSOCHAM need to approach and help the current generation in growing better enterprising thoughts so that we reach better growth rate and can be developed in the next few years.
  • More Entrepreneurs implies more rivalry. This will help in improving the nature of the item and will likewise help in decreasing the costs.

Author : Shubham