Giant Within You

“If you can’t you must, and if you must you can.”
– Anthony Robbins.

  • Many people wish to expertise in higher lives. We tend to want to boost our health, relationships, and even our fortunes.
  • It is an abstract topic which is leaned towards the psychological aspect of life.
  • In the book, “Awaken the Giant Within”, speaks about the certain changes we want, the approach to life and how to manage and control ourselves so that we can change our interior as well as exterior. In short, everything starts from within, that’s the US.
  • There are certain aspects of the book that we prevail and matters in the real world.
    • The decisions determine destiny. Every path you choose will take you somewhere closer to your destiny or at times so far that your destination can’t be seen.
    • Instant change can be brought only when you are firm on the decisions.
    • Use the beliefs, values, ethics, and faith that you have to bring the change within you.
    • Reduce the pain and conquer the world. Take stands and make rules to govern those decisions and your life and mold your behavior.

What’s is a Giant?

  • An enormous size figurine.
  • It is derived from Greek mythology, Gigantes in the year 1297.
  • It is often related to monsters, mythological creatures, superhuman size figures with unimaginable strengths and power.

Moreover, for different persons, it could mean differently.

  • It could be related to monsters.
  • Inner strength and power and will within oneself.
  • For an ant, the elephant is a giant.
  • For an infant, a human is a giant.
  • Even, the universe is a giant place.
  • For a shrub, a tree is a giant.

Psychological Side

  • It is our perspective that defines the meaning of the word giant.
  • Giant within us signifies that no matter what you are, how you are, or what you do, you have the power and will to change yourself.
  • We all have a giant in us that takes us to places where we achieve our goals and which pushes us to achieve our goals.
  • It takes a small effort to bring that giant out in reality.
  • Everyone is entitled to their perspectives and no meaning or derivatives can be wrong. It is just that we have to look beyond it and focus on the main thing, that is change.
  • “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – MK Gandhi.

We must focus and motivate ourselves to alter the mindset and unleash the giant within us.

  • Deep inside, a man dwells some immense slumbering powers and talents that he never dreamt of possessing. Forces that will revolutionize his life if aroused and place into action.
  • But friends, the reality is that the enormous isn’t dead, the enormous is simply sleeping. The awakening of the enormous would result in a continuous revolution.
  • Buried within is the untapped potentials, undiscovered gifts, unrefined skills, innovation, undreamed of concepts, unwritten songs, discoveries of nice value that divinity has prepackaged into a man to impact his generation and even those to come back.
  • You are too huge to be a dwarf, too loaded to be ordinary. The wealth on the within of you is richer than the oil wells of Kuwait and therefore the gold mines of African nation place along.
  • Life is improved upon; however, we tend to limit ourselves.

Negative Side

  • We feel superior to others.
  • We may tend to demean ourselves and feel inferior to others.
  • Surrounded by negative thoughts, weaken the giant, and eventually lead to our downfall.
  • They also have tendencies to show arrogance and take too much pride in themselves.

Author: Shubham