Hiring trends in times of Covid-19

What happened in a few months was unpredictable – businesses were not prepared for it. As a large percentage of business activities are at halt, hiring trends has been changed in the wake of covid-19 as HR are also trying to adjust to this new style of working.

Many companies have freeze their hiring because of no business activity happening due to lockdown especially the tourism activity of India. There is a severe impact on the travel and tourism sector in India with thousands of jobs being axed. In India many hotels are just running at just 10 percent occupancy levels as thousands of people has cancelled their trips. Travel firm MakeMyTrip has announced salary cuts as the tourism sector has taken a massive hit due to corona virus outbreak.

The aviation sector is already extorting with announcing salary cuts for its employees example indigo has announced the salary cut and GoAir has already fired many of its expat pilots. If things do not improve we can expect huge job cuts in aviation industry.

The number of candidates putting an active job search on hold is increasing, students applying for internship which all depict at the start of pandemic now appear to be increasing.

However this change in businesses due to ongoing pandemic doesn’t mean “no one is hiring”. There are still companies hiring, some are even increasing their need for new employees like Flipkart and Amazon.

Online groceries and e-commerce companies like Milk basket and Snapdeal are hiring on-ground staff which has been the biggest challenge after migrant workers fled to their native places from various states due to lockdown.

We are close to maximum uncertainty about the recovery, so business leaders should prepare to manage through both the downside and the upside scenarios. Importantly, that includes opportunities to innovate as we all adjust to a changed environment, as many employers shift to a remote work environment and recruit, hire and train new employees virtually.”

Author: Vibhanshu Thakur

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