How to make most out of the global crisis at b-school

COVID-19, the global crisis. Everyone has suffered from the global crisis. In such a situation, how can a b-school student make out of this worst situation? What are the positive and negative aspects of the same foe a b-school student? What are the necessary tasks any b-school student should focus on?

These are the necessary tasks any b-school students should focus on:

1. Focus on lectures and case studies:

Firstly, students need to focus on lectures and case studies in order to understand in which domain they would like to specialize in. During the first three months only, they need to make that decision. Because internship-placement starts after 3-4 months.

2. Design resume building:

Students need to design their resume as soon as they get into b-school. After designing, they will get to know whether they have enough things to add in the resume. If not, they have to start looking for things they can add. Such as courses, achievements, participation, and so on.

3. Build LinkedIn profile building:

Building a LinkedIn profile is necessary for being a b-school student. Nowadays, recruiters check LinkedIn profiles as well as hire from LinkedIn. Here is the article on how to build a LinkedIn profile.

4. Learning Microsoft office:

Students must have knowledge of various tools of Microsoft office. Excel and PowerPoint presentations are the necessary ones. Whichever field students choose, Excel and PowerPoint presentations are a must.

Course on excel:

Course on PowerPoint presentation:

All the situations have positive as well as negative aspects. B-school students mean management students. Management students should be able to manage any kind of situation. The beginning can be tough, but not impossible. Here are some positive and negative aspects and how to overcome them:

Positive aspects:

·         No transportation costs:

Transportation costs would be zero. Be it for attending lectures in college or participating in competitions outside the city. Everything is online as of now. All the transportation costs are saved. This money can be used in something else. Such as courses and purchasing books.

·         No clash in participating seminars, competitions, and events:

There are lots of competitions and events organized, which b-school students tend to attend. But b-school students need to manage lectures, assignments, seminars, internal and external competitions, and events. Hence, they have to choose a better option. But right now, all of those are being organized online. There are minimal chances of the clash among college and other stuff.

B-school students used to participate in competitions organized by other b-school as well as companies, which give them lots of benefits. Such as networking, internships, pre-placement interviews, cash prizes, and so on. Students needed to go to the city where that is organized, miss lectures, and internal events. But not no need to miss anything. Everything is online. Students can participate in maximum competitions they want to, they can attend as much as webinar they want to.

·         More opportunities in certain sectors:

Some industries are gaining less profits during COVID-19, whereas, some industries are gaining more. So students have not stopped studying, people have not stopped eating and they have also not stopped taking medicines when they need it.

There are five sectors that are benefiting from the current situation. education, e-retail, BFSI, medical, and IT. Students can target these sectors for live projects, internships, and placements.

·         Live project or virtual internship:

There are a lot of companies that are offering work from home projects and internships. Now students from all cities cannot have a corporate environment. But they can leverage that time to do more live projects and virtual internships.

·         More time for reading and courses:

No participating in events and competitions physically that means students have more time to read and pursue more courses.

More time to read books, blogs, case studies, news, reading about success and failure stories of brands, and so on. Students should read at least 2-3 hours a day to stand unique in the crowd.

Students pursue courses from various platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Coursera in order to enhance knowledge for particular skills or domains. This was a little tough to pursue with college.

·         Research about the domain you want to pursue an internship:

Students need to read and research as much as possible for the domain they want to specialize in. Students who are confused about specialization, they do not have any option but research.

Negative aspects:

·         Organizing events or competitions:

Students just lost all the opportunities to learn new skills which can be learned by doing them. Such as team management, leadership, decision-making, initiating, and so on.

So students can not organize events but can participate in as many events or competitions as they want to.

·         Networking:

The most important skill which management students need to learn is networking. Two years of networking stays with students for life. Students generally network by attending events and competitions organized by other b-schools as well as companies. Students cannot do that in which everything is being organized online.

Start networking on LinkedIn- a professional social media. It may be tough in the beginning to talk to people who you don’t know and never met. But slowly and eventually, you will understand how helpful it is to have a bunch of good connections on LinkedIn.

You might want to know how to build a network on LinkedIn:—How-to-Network-for-Students.pdf

·         Connect to seniors and faculties:

During normal circumstances, students used to connect to seniors as well as faculties for gaining more information regarding college, program, and so on. Now students who have completed one year still can do that. But how will new students do that? How much they will get to know on phone calls when they have not met ever? First-year students are missing out to know the experience of seniors.

For some students it is COVID-19, for others it might be any other crisis. The crisis is going to be there for everyone. We should find a way to overcome that and make the best out of it. Investing in an MBA is not a bad decision. It is just that you should know how to make best out it. 

Author: Pooja Metai