Inside a B-school

After giving efforts for months or years, people finally get into the B-school and celebrate. Some people get into their dream B-school, others don’t. Getting into a dream b-school is not only necessary but also fully utilizing the two years.

When people join B-schools, some might feel, “I have done enough. After a few months of distressing, I will choose a specialization and prepare for internship placements”. A BIG NO!

First 3 months at B-school

The first three months are necessary in order to realize what all the things a management student would want to do in the duration of two years at B-school.

The first three months will decide what kind of management student one wants to be. In these three months, people need to build a resume for an internship, decide the field of internship, and prepare for internship placements.

Students with work experience might face little difficulty to cope up with studies. On the other hand, engineers might be facing difficulty learning accounts. Yes, accounts. It is easy to learn accounts again, but students learning accounts for the first time might face difficulty. For those students, here is a simple course on accounts.

Check this out on LinkedIn Learning:

·         Connect with seniors:

Connect with seniors, ask some questions, such as what all they did in their first year? What mistake they did? How and when did they choose their specialization? This way people should grasp more about the program they have chosen as well as college.

·         Joint a club or committee:

Join at least one club or committee to come across team management, leadership, time management, decision making, and so on. Get involved in organizing as well as participating events for discovering your strengths and weaknesses. Why is it required to get involved in a club or committee? All these will directly reflect in resume and interview.

·         Choose the domain for Summer Internship:

Since people have to decide in which domain they would like to pursue an internship, attending classes and talking to faculties is as much necessary as being part of the committee. Why think about the domain at the beginning of the program?

In just three months, people have to research and read in order to identify their interest in a specific domain. Yes, subjects or specializations are to be chosen in the second year, but before the internship-placements process starts, people need to decide a specific domain.  

·         Build a LinkedIn profile:

Build a LinkedIn profile, you do not have yet. Start following people who share their industry experiences. Follow some company pages. As the recruiter might want to look at your LinkedIn profile, keep your profile updated.

·         Participate in competitions:

Start participating in competitions organized by companies and other b-schools. This one is necessary. Students get internships, pre-placement interviews, and sometimes, pre-placement offers. Apart from this, you will deal with real-life situations and understand how concepts are applied in real life. Furthermore, by participating in competitions, you will build your network.

·         Virtual internship or live project:

Some might want to pursue a virtual internship, others might want to do a live project with a company. Though all these are not compulsory, those are added benefits to understanding as well as a resume.

Internships and live projects give a different perspective to studies altogether.

·         Learn small things:

Learn simple things, but are a must in the corporate world, such as excel, giving effective presentations, soft skills, analytics, follow your favorite brands, and so on.

People face a lot of challenges during the initial period, which builds their confidence. The more the challenges, the more the confidence.

Do’ and don’ts of preparation for Internship-placements during an MBA program

1. Read about the company and profile

2. Read the latest news related to company and profile

3. Read about the domain you are interested in, read specific terminologies

4. Attempt some aptitude test online as well as offline

5. Prepare for some current affairs topic for GD

6. Build a resume, read it properly and prepare for cross-questioning

7. Create a list of concepts learned regarding the chosen domain in college and prepare well

8. Research and prepare for some common questions asked during the internship interview, such as Why MBA? Why this specific domain?

9. Practice Group Discussion and Personal Interview with friends as much as possible to boost confidence

10. Prepare a list of points for which you stand unique in college

As companies have their own way of hiring interns, people need to prepare as much as they can. Some companies may take Group Discussion and Interview, some may take the aptitude test as well.

What after getting an internship?

After getting selected for the internship, celebrate. Celebrate really well and get back to build your resume and network. People need to do numerous pieces of stuff in these two years and manage their time.

People need to read as much as possible about their company as well as before joining the internship. With this, people can think about the project at the beginning of the internship.

Second-year of MBA begins

After completion of the internship, fresher tend to feel different. Everything changes. Perception of concepts. Belief towards the corporate world. Some might get disappointed, others might not. But one thing is certain, everybody has learned something new.

From now onwards, no one is a complete fresher. The thought process has to be transformed. People need to relate the challenges faced during the internship with concepts they are learning in 2nd year. This is the time where students can focus on learning for core subjects as well as subjects specific to specialization.

For the 2nd year, students need to choose subjects from the chosen specialization. The subjects, you are interested in. Some students might want to choose two specializations. They will have to decide which one would be major and other would me minor where major specialization will contain more subjects than minor specialization. Students can also choose a dual specialization, where they can choose equal subjects for both specializations.

Now is the time to do some courses outside MBA to build knowledge and resume. The resume will show a lot of things to recruiters. But those are merely words, recruiters will cross-check everything during the interview process. People need to show their knowledge during the interview, just mention of courses on the resume will not work.

These courses can also be done before the internship. Then, why now? Because people know now, what really they are interested in, and what is a must in the corporate world. Experience brings more understanding of what they like to do or do not.

Time for Final Placements in B-school

Blink eyes a few times and final placements will surprise you. People cannot waste time in final placements.

People need to alter their resume for different companies and profiles. A single resume will not work. That is the reason why management student has to start building a resume from day one.

Now, prepare less, practice more. Practice as much as possible. This way, people get to know whether their answers and attitude are convincing enough.

Just a few people will get placements in the first interview. Everyone should learn how to handle a reaction. Why is that necessary?

Rejection makes people run an extra mile to achieve a goal. Rejection has to be taken positively.

Consistency is the key. Be consistent with your practice.

Identify learning with rejection. Identify what mistakes you did, practice for that, and nail it next time.

Do not stop after getting placed. Keep learning. This time is not coming back.

Maybe the last semester of the MBA would be the last semester of college life. Maybe some students will not study further. Memories from college life are meant to be cherished for life. Roommates would be friends for life. Students are going to miss hostel life, trips with friends, classroom fun, and so on. Just have fun in the last semester, as this is not going to come back.

Good luck!

Author: Pooja Metai