Learn From Home vs Work From Home

In the current times of this pandemic when the whole world has come to a standstill, and almost all the industries have become stagnant, utilizing the internet to it’s full potential is the only thing that can keep the world going. This is where the concept of work from home and learn from home kicks in. The presence of these in our lives make it easy for us to balance our personal and professional lives during this crisis makes us realize the importance of internet.

Even though the comfort factor in these kinds of from-home activities is quite high, it does compromise on the efficiency by making a person lethargic and making the working atmosphere too chill to induce laboriousness in the people and that’s when they start taking their work less seriously. Poor internet connectivity may also affect one’s productivity and the outcome of a particular work, especially in a third-world country like India where internet is still a far-fetched dream for a major portion of the population. But when it comes to comparing these two in terms of their traits, they vary greatly from each other.

Work from home is something where you apply your existing skills and knowledge to a particular task at hand, whereas learn from home helps you to enhance your existing skills and knowledge for a better future application of those skills to a different set of task, which is likely to increase your productivity at that particular work.

In this quarantine when venturing out of the house is beyond just a legal prohibition, working on enhancing your current skill set is what you should be focusing on in order to increase your efficiency at work and fetching far more fruitful outcomes. This can be best done by correctly utilizing the concept of learn from home as it can help you evolve yourself into a more productive person post the pandemic, which might prove to be highly beneficial to you. While work from home is also essential to keep the economy going, you can very well catch up speed when the lockdown ends with the help of the newly developed skill sets that you have acquired during the lockdown.

For students, learn from home can prove to be very beneficial as they can now catch up on their syllabus without having to worry about missing out on the relevant topics. This also gives them an opportunity to better concentrate on doing self-study, without the constant pressure that they experience at college, which can help to bring out more in the students and make them better understand a concept with a combination method teaching and self-studying.

However, that said, it depends on the kind of task you’re required to perform to prove which of the two methods is more productive.

Not negating the fact that these kinds of ‘from-home’ concepts can’t outmatch their real-time counterparts, the work people perform at their workplaces in a more professional way, they still have proven to be very beneficial in preventing the economy and industries from going stagnant.

Author: Pamela Gupta

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