Life of a B-school student at the time of COVID-19 pandemic

There are more than 5000 B-schools in India. Just imagine how many students have passed out in 2020 and how many students are arriving into a new curriculum? These all are the students who are going to suffer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has impacted the education of the entire world. Today, all the students have to study on digital platforms, which has its own benefits and losses. There are reasons for people attending full-time courses in college instead of opting for distance learning.

This impact is not only for students but also for faculties, who will have to teach everything digitally for a while. Faculties have their own way of teaching. A few will teach with PowerPoint presentations, whereas others will teach by conducting activities. On the digital platform, it is a little difficult to conduct activities and initiate face to face discussions.

Why are B-school students suffering in this digital world?

Colleges are doing the most they can. They are providing lectures and all the study material that is needed on digital platforms. But what about students who come from villages, who do not have an efficient internet connection? Apparently, COVID-19 has more losses then benefits over education.

Students, who have an efficient internet connection, are also suffering. How? Students require a great amount of reading apart from attending lectures. After attending online lectures for 5-6 hours, students’ eyes get drained. How is possible to read after that? During college, it was possible, because colleges have a library. The library has all the reading material required such as newspapers, reference books, magazines, novels. Now, all the reading has to be done online, which seems tough with all distractions around students, such as household work, family, negativity, and so on.

Learnings of MBA includes much more than classes and tests

During this pandemic, all the learning is possible to get a degree. But B-school learning does not only include classes, reading, and exams but also organizing and participating in various events as well as competitions. Organizers learn to manage team, participants, sponsorships, marketing, and so on, however, others enjoy attending, participating, and winning competitions. All this cannot be done until everything is back to normal.

Colleges used to invite guest lectures, conduct seminars, industrial visits, whereas, students use to connect with other b-schools and participating in their competitions. Networking was much easier from all these events in comparison to the pandemic.

Furthermore, B-schools are missing out on corporate learning as well. Internships are part of the management program. Internships are either being canceled or performed virtually. The internship gives field learning and corporate environment, where interns learn to make professional relations and learn from them as well. In the case of a pandemic, all these are not possible.  

Students, who passed out in 2020, are facing problems with job offers. As initial training and orientation have to be given to new hires, either onboarding is getting delayed or offers are getting revoked. Since employees are getting laid off due to the pandemic, this was expected. Still, some students were fortunate enough to secure placement as well as joining.  

Every coin has two sides. We can still get the best out of the pandemic.

How to compensate for learning in the COVID-19 pandemic?

1. Utilize initiatives taken by MHRD, such as Swayam (which includes online courses), National Digital Library of India (includes learning in 11 languages), e-PG Pathshala, and so on.

2. LinkedIn is the best alternative for networking. People get internship and job opportunities through LinkedIn.

3. Develop a new skill. There are plenty of free as well as paid courses. YouTube is another great source of skills and information.

4. Develop valuable habits, such as book reading, healthy eating, spending time with family, enough sleeping, and so on.

5. Research as much as possible for your career and passion. Read articles, blogs, news, Quora. You should know everything about your career and passion.

These were a few tips, you are the only one who knows how to utilize this time in the best way.

Utilize your time well. Give 200%. Have faith.

Good luck!

Author: Pooja Metai

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