Preparation before Interview:

Whether it is a game or an exam, prior preparation is required. Likewise for an interview prior preparation is also required to perform well and get selected. Prior preparation not only builds your confidence but also helps you to tackle tricky questions in an interview and show your best side to the panelists. The competition is very high so to get an edge over the others it is necessary to be well prepared before an interview. Following are certain points on which the candidate is expected to be prepared:

  • Prepare about your introduction. “Tell me about yourself” is mostly the first question of an interview and if you have prepared well it then not only it will give a good impression of yours but will also drive the interview with the follow up questions. Refer to this article for more information on this: Tell me about yourself (with sample answers)
  • If the interview is for college admissions, research about the college/university which you are applying for. Read about the college profile, their famous alumni, their current methods of teaching, and other related information. Also prepare your answer for why you want to join this college.
  • If the interview is for getting job in a company read about the company profile, recent news about the company, current trends in that industry. Also prepare your answer for why you want to join their company.
  • If you are a fresher then prepare your academics – last subjects you studied or prepare about questions with regards to any internship you have done. If you are an experienced candidate, then read prepare for the questions related to your last company you worked, your job role and other related information.
  • Read news daily.  It is expected from you that you are aware of your surroundings, you are aware about the happenings in the economy and the current situation. You must have an opinion of your for the recent trending issue which will come when you are aware about the issue. So start reading newspapers. Suggested Newspapers is TOI for basic, and if you already read this then shift to The Hindu/ Economic Times.
  • Go through your resume and prepare for the questions which are likely to come. Let’s say you scored very less marks in 10th and 12th or let’s say you have a gap of 2 months in your resume. So you can prepare an answer for the same so that at the interview you don’t fumble. have a Read about various fields of MBA, such as Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources
  • Prepare and practice for common questions asked in an MBA interview

You can refer to these articles for the interview preparation.

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Lastly, PRACTICE well before the interview. Practice your answer, your pitch, pace, and tone of your voice. Don’t memorize just be confident about yourself.