What is Personal Interview ?

The Personal Interview is basically a face-to-face interaction to know more about the candidate as a part of the selection process. Whether it is an application for college admission or a company job, Personal Interview plays the most important role in the selection process.

Your profile and GD are the tools to get you to the interviewing stage. Interview is the right opportunity for you to convince the panel that you are the right candidate for this seat or job. It also provide an opportunity for  the panel to check a candidates’ communication skills, self-awareness, knowledge, success potential, work ethics, career goals and many other aspects. But interview is not just one way, it also provide the candidate an opportunity to know more about the company/B-school, the job role and get a clarity on this. Since there is a large pool of candidates, being well prepared for the interview helps to get an edge over others.

What is checked in a personal Interview – Things to be focused on:


This refers to the level of knowledge that one possesses in one’s area of specialization. It includes academics, job, company details, interests, hobbies etc. The understanding of the fundamentals of each of these areas contributes to one’s confidence and gives a picture of the person as a learned, knowledgeable person.

Contextual Awareness:

It refers to the company, the family, the locality and the city etc. It is imperative that one knows and is aware of the surroundings where one has been. Say for instance, if you are from ABC University – it is important to know the founder, how old is the institution etc. If you are from city XYZ where you have lived from your childhood, it would be expected that you know about the context to which one belongs – the school, the college, about your city. You may be asked the famous landmarks, the tourist spots, the historical significance, the famous things about your city. Same thing will apply to your company – the founder, the industry knowledge where the company is operating, the turnover of the company, the turnover of the division you are working in etc. would be expected of you.

General Awareness:

This has been put specifically as a separate topic for the simple reason that it just extends from the contextual awareness. This would not only include those things that are related to you but also those that are beyond as well, for instance, the geography of the country of your residence, the constitution, the history, the political structure, the political situation etc. With focus on management as your post-graduation you are expected to know about the current business scenario of the country, what is the status in various sectors, which sector is facing a downturn, which sector is booming, which is your favorite sector, various business personalities, various business houses etc.

Goal Orientation:

Goal Orientation is a very important thing that reflects not only about the future aspiration but speaks a lot about the individual himself/herself. It reflects whether a person is aware of his/her strengths/weaknesses or experiences of the past etc. It is expected that a person is aware of these, plans the future with all these things taken into consideration after a personal SWOT analysis keeping all constraints in mind. One’s career goal has to be crisp, well thought with a definite action plan. It should not be vague, unclear and just in sync with the trend but instead should play on one’s strengths, capabilities and action plans to overcome one’s weaknesses

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