Role of Communication Skills in MBA

Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium while Communication Skills allow you to understand and be understood by others. Certainly, no one can lead a squad into victory without solid communication skills. Yet, top business schools still struggle to find the best ways to teach this vital tool.

Most MBA aspirants think MBA is just another post-graduate program. But, it is not just an academic course. The MBA program includes many aspects of developing personality and communication skills that will help out students to reach their goals. Some common Communication Skills for MBA are Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Group Discussion Skills and Personal Interview Skills .

Communication Skills helps in transferring meaningful information from informal conversation to the professional presentations playing an essential role in all stages of our MBA life. Many MBA aspirants while entering the job world with an aim to achieve their future dreams even after having good academic records, they fail to prove themselves during interviews.

This is mainly due to the absence of effective communication skills. Mostly, the MBA students who need to address business meetings, interact with clients, and represent a corporate brand to the world etc. should be more aware of essential communication skills.

There are 7 Cs of communication skills that offers a specification to make sure that your emails, reports, meetings, conference calls, and presentations are well constructed and flawless.
These 7 Cs of communication skills are Clear, Correct, Coherent, Concise, Concrete, Complete and Courteous. When a communication has all these elements, the communication is communicated successfully. According to Mehrabian’s rule of personal communication people transmit information words account for only for 7%, tone of voice for 30% and body language for 55%. This rule has become so popularized that it is now included in training for personal growth and most importantly marketing messages.

One of the most important qualities MBA candidates should have is the ability to collaborate. Whether it’s about making decisions, leading a team, or collaborating with employers and colleagues, communicating effectively is key to a successful career post-MBA.

The message for MBA students is clear that employers are looking for visionaries, not just functional managers who are able to keep things ticking along. Obviously, communication plays an important role in being a visionary because you have to articulate what you envision for the future.

Author: Pamela Gupta