Social Media – Boon or Bane

“Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences.”
– Mike DiLorenzo, NHL social media marketing director

What are Social Media and its importance?

  • Social media are those websites and applications that are intended to permit individuals to share content quickly, with efficiency, and in the period.
  • Many folks outline social media as applications on their smartphone or pill, however, the reality is, this communication tool started with computers. This thought stems from the very fact that almost all social media users access their tools via applications.
  • The capability to upload photos, opinions, events, etc. in the period has reworked the approach we tend to live and, also, the approach we have a tendency to do business.
  • Web-based life is effectively open and it’s additionally the gathering purpose of the present web astute crowd.
  • Online medium opens prospects of direct access to customers with no outsider intervention.
  • Promoting online is pretty cost-effective.
  • Internet-based life additionally helps in site design improvement and increment in rankings of any organization sites.

Impact of Social Media

  • Politics – In contrast with other media, social media’s impact on political crusades has expanded immensely. The New York Times stated that “The appointment of Donald J. Trump is maybe the starkest delineation yet that over the earth, informal communities are serving to on a very basic level revamp human culture.” Because online presence permits individuals to speak with each other all the more openly, they are assisting with making shockingly persuasive social associations among once-underestimated gatherings.
  • Society – Almost a 4th of the total common people are now on Facebook. Social media is gradually thrashing open activism and displacing it with ‘slacktivism’. While online networking activism brings expanded mindfulness about cultural issues, questions stay with regards to whether this mindfulness is converting into genuine change.
  • Commerce – The ascent of social media implies it’s abnormal to discover an association that doesn’t arrive at its clients and prospects through some online networking stage. Organizations see the significance of utilizing web-based to associate with clients and fabricate income. Organizations have acknowledged they can utilize social media to produce bits of knowledge, invigorate requests, and make focused on item contributions. This is significant in conventional block and-engine organizations, and, clearly, in the realm of internet business. A low number of social ‘shares’ can prompt negative social verification and devastate business validity.
  • World of Work – Social networking has profoundly affected recruitment and employment. Recruiters do a deep background check of the candidates, post job vacancies, receive resumes, and using various applications shortlist the candidates with the guidelines provided.
  • Training and Development – Occupation applicants who create abilities in the most recent and most developed techniques are most employable. Online journals, wikis, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and digital recordings are presently basic instruments for learning in numerous instructive establishments. Web-based social networking has added to the expansion in significant distance online learning.
  • Relationships – it is urging individuals to shape and love fake bonds over genuine associations.

Some latest facts and trends

  • There are more than 3.5 billion social media users which are roughly 45% of the world population.
  • Facebook is the market leader. It has over 2.32 billion active users monthly.
  • On average, a person spends 3 hours on social media platforms.
  • The other common social media platforms are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  • Brands are now including social media into their marketing strategies. And 73% of marketers believe that it is a good platform to promote and market their products.
  • Social media is growing at a rate of 31% in India.
  • Videos have become an integral part of online marketing.
  • It has led to the rise of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).
  • Rise of TikTok popularity.
  • In the current scenario, investors are focusing and continuing to invest in influencer marketing.


  • Connectivity –Individuals from any place can communicate with anybody. Despite the area and religion. The excellence of online life is that you can associate with anybody to learn and share your considerations.
  • Education – Social media has plenty of advantages for learners and instructors. It is extremely simple to provide learning through specialists and experts through online mediums. Notwithstanding your area and instruction foundation, you can teach yourself, without paying for it.
  • Help – You can impart your issues to the network to find support.
  • Information and Updates – The fundamental preferred position of social media is that you update yourself from the most recent happenings around the globe.
  • Promotion – Whether you have a disconnected business or on the web, you can elevate your business to the biggest crowd. The entire world is open for you and can cater to them. This makes the organizations beneficial and more affordable because a large portion of the costs made over a business is for publicizing and advancement.
  • Noble Cause – Social media can likewise be utilized for the honorable aims. For instance, to advance an NGO, social government assistance exercises, and gifts for the destitute individuals.
  • Awareness – Social media likewise make mindfulness and improve how individuals live. It is the social media that has helped individuals find new and imaginative kinds of stuff that can improve individual lives.
  • It assists Governments and Security Agencies with spying and catch lawbreakers to battle wrongdoing.
  • Positive remarks and sharing of an organization can assist them with deals and generosity. Since individuals are allowed to share anything they desire on the online life, it can affect emphatically when great words are shared.
  • Additionally, individuals of various networks can interface with talk about and share related kinds of stuff.
  • It is a tremendous open door for the organization, particularly – the startups where they need to spend a ton of cash on publicity. With the unexpected upheaval of informal communication, changed the whole discernment, in this way they can start their business with less expense or no expense by any means.
  • Accordingly, Digital Marketing is another field that is under immense movement. Streamlining of the web index has started to stretch out rather restricting to the specific zone, which has to end up being the best substance for business.
  • It provides opportunities to connect with market leaders and also helps in building networks. Moreover, it provides a platform for recruitment and selection. For example, a girl made an online resume on Instagram and she got calls from various companies.


  • Cyberbullying – According to a report distributed by a large portion of the youngsters has become survivors of the cyberbullying. Dangers, terrorizing messages, and bits of gossip can be sent to the majority to make uneasiness and turmoil in the general public.
  • Hacking – Personal information and security can without much of a stretch be hacked and shared on the Internet which can make monetary misfortunes and disaster to individual life. A few individual twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked previously and the programmer had posted materials that have influenced the individual lives.
  • Addiction – The addictive piece of the web-based life is terrible and can upset the individual lives. The youngsters are the most influenced by the addiction of social media-based life.
  • Fraud and Scams – Several models are accessible where people have defrauded and submit extortion through web-based social networking.
  • Security Issues – Now daily’s security organizations have access to individuals’ records which makes the protection nearly undermined.
  • Reputation – Social media can without much of a stretch ruin somebody’s disrepute just by making a bogus story and spreading over the web-based life.
  • Cheating and Relationship Issues –Couples have deceived each other by indicating the phony sentiments and mistaken data.
  • The overabundance use of such applications can likewise negatively affect wellbeing and health. Since practice is the way to get in shape, the majority of the individuals get sluggish in light of extreme utilization.
  • Not simply by utilizing it, however by following the tricks and other insane kinds of stuff that are shared on the web. For instance, bikers doing the superfluous tricks, individuals doing the hop over the trains and other perilous stuff.
  • It also promotes smoking and drugs to youngsters.
  • At times, people compare themselves with others which in turn affects their wellbeing and happiness.
  • These days individuals are very much involved in the virtual universe of social media, they will in general disregard this present reality. The significant individual and up close and personal association, for example, the public activity of the individuals is debilitating.
  • Individuals have heaps of companions in online media, some of whom they may have never met, in reality, for example, outsiders, which thusly might be a danger to a few.
  • Presently, sharing the area has become a major bit of leeway for the criminal and other wrongdoing related exercises.
  • The business has likewise tasted the symptom, shoppers can post negative remarks which will influence the possibilities with the new customer even the contenders can spread bogus updates on the organization in wording, discolor the picture of the organization.
  • An Individual’s life has become an open book.
  • The rise of fake news over the social media platforms which affects the individual and the society. It causes riots, outbreaks, and whatnot.


  • Social media are a great help.
  • It relies upon how we use them, regardless of whether to develop ourselves or to debase.
  • Be that as it may, youngsters and adolescents must be guided by their parents or guardians because they can without much of a stretch be controlled and influenced by digital dangers.
  • We ought not to reveal an excessive amount of individual data since its dangerous.
  • Keeping the bane perspective aside, it is inevitable that social media has a huge potential to develop actually and expertly. Thus, ought to be acknowledged with an open heart.

Author: Shubham