What challenges are HR facing during COVID-19?

It feels like it was yesterday, we just welcomed New Year with a huge celebration, all New Year’s resolutions are noted down, excited to achieve goals, when we woke up the entire world is stuck in their sweet homes. Everyone is working from home except doctors, nurses, sweepers, and police force. A few are grabbing opportunities to move ahead in their career, others to help in need.

Chief executives are strategizing their path for post-COVID-19 whereas employees are facing a lot of tiny troubles working from home. What challenges are Human Resources are facing?

Uber Technologies fired 3700 employees on a zoom call. The first thing may come to employees’ minds, what if the same happens to them? Giving job security has become a priority for HR in order to retain employees and make them relieved in order to sustain their job performances, where measuring job performance has a huge challenge in itself.

The most challenging task for the companies is to keep the employees performing. Due to COVID-19, we all are surrounded by negativity. How many cases got registered in the last 24 hours? or How many cases are in our region? or How will we manage to buy vegetables and groceries? Answering all these questions is draining people’s minds.

Furthermore, employees working from home are facing so many tiny troubles because of improper communication, connectivity issues, and lack of resources. In addition to fulfilling job responsibilities, they have to cook, clean, sweep, mop all by themselves. They are running the entire day from job work to household work. How can we deal with all this mess and also keep our minds healthy?

For dealing with this mess, companies like Johnson & Johnson have created mental health employee resource groups including awareness campaigns, speaker forums, and so on. Employees need this kind of support in order to keep their employees and their families healthy and get results in their job, too.

Where everyone is talking about the value provided by their company during the crucial period, HR has a huge job to showcase employer brand and grow in the market. Thus, HR needs to do a little brainstorm. What can I do to keep employees happy along with attracting potential candidates?

Asian paints has raised staff salaries to increase employee morale instead of laying off any employees due to COVID-19. Imagine what huge smile employees have had when they get to know this! Employees will give 200% of their efforts to perform up to the mark and make their superior happy. Now the challenge for HR might be to measure performance. 

Communication has become necessary to maintain the culture and keep employees engaged. IBM is offering a lot of resources to engage employees, such as virtual discussion with experts, leadership training, a personal blog by IBM leaders, and so on.

New policies have to be designed to meet requirements of impulsive changes along with communicating those policies to all the employees to prevent health issues as well as conflicts.

As a result, HR has to face challenges to keep employees engaged, satisfied and retained.

Author: Pooja Metai

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